Another global flood scientists’ forecasts were confirmed by an underwater robot

(ORDO NEWS) — Global warming is causing sea levels to rise. If the situation does not change in the near future, then by the end of the 21st century the planet will be covered by a “global flood”. As a result of the cataclysm, according to Australian scientists, almost half of the coastal territories will disappear under water.

Ebru Kirezci, together with his colleagues from Australia some time ago, presented a completely new scenario of a global catastrophe. The conclusions made by the scientists were published in the scientific journal Nature.

Not only glaciers, which are rapidly melting, are a threat to humanity, but also tides with strong storms. They will cause about 68% of the affected areas to be flooded. The rest of the land could be submerged as a result of strong sea level rise. The area at risk is home to approximately 600 million people. The flood will wipe out small island countries from the face of the earth.

For a worldwide sweat to occur, a combination of factors is required. This was previously believed by experts, but the Icefin underwater vehicle provided information about a specific phenomenon that is the main threat to people. An underwater robot filmed what the base of the Thwaites Glacier looks like. It has a length of almost 160 kilometers and is 600 meters in the water. It was believed that the base was reliably frozen to the seabed, but an underwater robot recorded the presence of warm water between them. Due to the flow, the base melts not only unevenly, but also very quickly.

If the glacier melts, the sea level will rise by 65 meters. This will cause flooding of a huge number of coastal areas.


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