Magnetic storms in December 2020: exact dates announced

(ORDO NEWS) — December, when compared with November, will be very calm: there will be only one strong magnetic storm in the second half of the month. Generally speaking, no powerful events that can cause recurrence of chronic diseases are foreseen.

For a month, according to the Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun of Lebedev Physical Institute, for a month the magnetosphere will be calm. The exception is a few days. The greatest activity will be observed on December 2 in the afternoon, but you should not worry. Relatively great excitement is expected on December 18, and the storm itself – on the 19th.

Many citizens are convinced that geomagnetic disturbance affects health and mental well-being. Scientists cannot confirm this in any way, but the claims of people do not deny. They only note that space weather is not dangerous, because the Earth has protection – the atmosphere.

Scientists once analyzed 63 million tweets in which users complained of severe headaches. They matched the statements with a graph of magnetic storms and found no coincidence. We should also take into account the aurora, which is a consequence of the interaction of solar matter with the magnetosphere. Every year crowds of tourists come to see the amazing picture. It is unlikely that someone would be in a hurry to see the phenomenon dangerous to health.

Magnetic storms affect life on earth, but not in the way many are used to thinking. So, scientists often fail in equipment in the Earth’s orbit, and also there is a failure in ground systems, for example, in electrical networks.

As for feeling unwell, it can be associated with absolutely other factors. If you often suffer from headaches, it is best to consult your doctor. Any discomfort is a symptom of a specific irritant or disease.


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