Dad threw his little son into the river, deciding that he was turning into the devil

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(ORDO NEWS) — Zachary Bennett Eco was taken out of the river by rescue services, but the child’s life was not saved. This terrible incident happened a year ago. The man who threw his son into the river, believing that he was turning into the devil, was charged with manslaughter.

Zachary Bennett-Eco died of drowning and hypothermia. His father, Zach Bennett-Eco, who at the time was only 23 years old, threw his son into the river, and then headed to a pub that was nearby. It was there that he was arrested. During the trial, it was established that the young father suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. He believed that his son was beginning to turn into the devil. Zak also added that he was “ordered to drown him immediately.” As a result, Zack was charged with manslaughter with limited liability.

It is also known that just a few days before the incident, Zak turned to specialists for help. He asked to be admitted to the North Manchester General Hospital, but he did not wait for the doctors to examine him and left. Three days later, he took his son out of the carriage and threw him into the river.

At the moment Bennett-Eco is in a guarded psychiatric hospital. Dr. Higgins and Dr. John Crosby talk about their patient’s sincere belief that his son is really the devil and he thought that if he killed the devil, it would not be bad. Zach used to be a very good father, but his mental health at the time of the murder was severely shaken.

According to the testimony of Dr. Kurashi during the trial, it turned out that Zak hesitated before throwing the child into the water. The judge considered this moment very important and added that it means that Zach perfectly understood that he was doing wrong.


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