Anonymous hacker group has declared a “cyber war” on Russia what does this mean for us

(ORDO NEWS) — The hacker group Anonymous said it was carrying out cyberattacks against the Russian government. Hackers have claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack on RT websites.

Anonymous claims responsibility for DDoS attack on RT

On February 24, the official website of the state television channel RT stopped working. The site’s editors confirmed the attacks and said some sites slowed down while others went offline for “an extended period of time.”

Who are Anonymous?

Anonymous is a hacker group whose goal is to counter censorship and government control, as well as to promote freedom of speech.

The members of the group do not express their political affiliation, but they clearly oppose any war with hostility: hackers attacked both ISIS recruitment sites and the national services of Egypt and Tunisia during the Arab Spring. We talked more about Anonymous in this material.

What other sites may have been affected by hackers?

On the evening of February 24, government websites of the Russian Federation were also switched off several times.

The site of the Kremlin, the site of the Duma and the Ministry of Defense suffered. At the time of writing, all sites are working stably.

The National Coordinating Center for Computer Incidents (NCCC) said that against the backdrop of the ongoing military operation in Ukraine, the intensity of cyber attacks on Russian information resources could significantly increase.

Are Anonymous Dangerous for Russians?

In general, as far as can be judged from past attacks, hackers do not aim exclusively at government services, trying not to harm citizens.

However, everyone can get hit by a stray bullet, so you need to be very careful here. We have already written how you can try to protect yourself from a hacker attack as much as possible.

Recall that on February 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine.

You can find out about what is happening in the country, about the shelling and the reaction of the whole world in our material .

Earlier, we also talked about how to calculate the range of shots and explosions from your location. The answer can be found here .


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