Browsers will soon face the “year 10,000 problem”. Here’s how it will affect users

(ORDO NEWS) — Google Chrome and Firefox may face major technical issues in the near future as they move to version 100 of the browsers.

To solve this problem, Google and Firefox are working hard, but no site is immune from its consequences.

The “Year 10,000 problem” is a collective name for software problems associated with the transition to a new coding system.

For example, after 9999, all software will have to start encoding the year with 5 digits instead of 4 as before. This can cause serious disruptions and lead to huge financial losses. But this problem is not only about the date encoding.

According to ZDNet, the two most popular web browsers – Google Chrome and Firefox – are preparing to roll out their 100th version of their software. This may result in most websites not being able to load in newer versions.

The problem with version 100 browsers comes down to the so-called “user agent” – a line of code that tells servers which browser is being used.

Most website programs can only read two-digit values ​​for this parameter. At the end of the first decade of this century, websites faced a similar problem when introducing two-digit numbers. This resulted in many sites not loading properly or not loading at all.

Google and Firefox are working to make sure most sites don’t experience any issues. However, there are too many websites that Google and Firefox can’t do on their own.

Google already offers instructions on how to make your site read the user’s browser’s three-character version encodings. If you’re launching a website, it’s best to think about this detail now so you don’t lose users in the future.

In the last century, there was no catastrophe during the transition to a new encoding, largely because many began to prepare for the transition long before that. There is a possibility that in this case, the “catastrophe” can be avoided.


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