Researchers have learned to print metal objects with a length of only 25 nanometers

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers at the University of Oldenburg have successfully fabricated a copper object just 25 nanometers long using new 3D printing technology.

25 nanometers is about 300 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair

It is based on the well-known electroplating process. The researchers used a solution of positively charged ions in a tiny pipette.

Fluid exits the pipette tip through the print nozzle. In the experiments performed, the nozzle opening had a diameter of 253 to 1.6 nanometers, which allows only two copper ions to pass simultaneously onto a negatively charged substrate.

The researchers were able to precisely control the structure by adjusting the size of the print nozzle opening and the electric current between the positive and negative electrodes in the setup.

According to the scientists, the smallest objects that can be printed with this method are about 25 nanometers in diameter, which is equivalent to 195 copper atoms in a row. For comparison, a human hair is about 3,000 times thicker than this object.

The new 3D printing method has potential applications in battery technology, microelectronics, and sensor technology.

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