Ancient statue similar to Star Wars character discovered in Mexico

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(ORDO NEWS) — In Mexico, a statue was discovered that is approximately 500 years old. This image of an unknown woman in a huge and strange headdress, very much reminiscent of one of the characters in “Star Wars”.

The statue is two meters high and depicts a young woman dressed in beautiful clothes and numerous ornaments. Her headgear is reminiscent of the one worn by Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars. Maria Eugenia Maldonado Vite is sure that this statue depicts some kind of ancient ruler, but not a deity.

The statue was discovered by local farmers in one of the citrus fields. The statue has some features that are similar to Huastec culture. It was these people who lived in the place where the sculpture was discovered in the 15th century. Limestone was used to make the statue. In the lower part of the sculpture there is a special thorn, with the help of which it can be kept upright.

The statue has a very surprised expression on its face. Experts believe there may have been gems around the wide-open eyes and mouth that have not survived to this day.


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