New study shows dark matter doesn’t exist

(ORDO NEWS) — People may not yet fully understand exactly how gravity works. It is believed that about three-quarters of the universe is dark matter. It is a mysterious substance that interacts with all other matter using gravity. But to this day, scientists have no evidence that it actually exists.

The latest research by specialists has shown that people cannot fully understand the laws of gravity and how different galaxies behave under its influence. The experts added that the theory of the physicist Mordechai Milgrom, created in the 80s of the last century, and called the modified theory of Newtonian dynamics, can explain the gravitational behavior of stars.

If we take into account this theory, then the movement of an object in the Universe will depend on its own mass, as well as on the gravitational attraction of other objects.

Today, scientists offer a lot of different theories as to what dark matter can actually be and how it differs from black holes. Stacey McGough says Milgrom’s theory is quite accurate in explaining what dark matter is.


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