Ancient document may reveal the mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

(ORDO NEWS) — In one of the synagogues in Cairo, a medieval Jewish document was kept for a long time, which may help to uncover the mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Dr. Daniel Weinstub of Ben-Gurion University in the Negev believes that it details exactly the same religious rite as the scrolls found in the caves of Qumran.

It is reported by Live Science.

For a long time, experts cannot understand why a huge number of manuscripts and ancient documents were hidden in caves near the Dead Sea. As numerous studies have shown, it was in this area that the ceremony of the mystical Jewish sect of the Essenes was held every year. People came here not only from cities, but also from small rural communities located throughout Israel. This was required in order to observe a certain ritual called the Covenant of Renewal.

Scientists are sure that Qumran has a specific design due to the fact that in this way it reflects this ceremonial function. The discovered Dead Sea Scrolls also contain descriptions of the festival. A new theory of experts suggests that most of the scrolls could have been written directly by the Essenes and then brought to Qumran to the festival for further study and storage in this area.

The Damascus document also contains information that it was in Qumran that a meeting was held annually, during which all the necessary rules of the religious community were strictly observed. It is worth noting that the ancient document received this name due to the fact that it contains many references to cities located in Syria.


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