Scientists said that human life has no time limits

(ORDO NEWS) — The human lifespan limit has long been the subject of heated debate. Recent studies prove that humans can live up to 130 years, or they argue that there is no theoretical limit.

This is reported by Focus with reference to Science Alert.

The new study analyzes data on centenarians – people aged 100 and over, as well as on super-centenarians – people aged 110 and over.

Although the risk of death usually rises throughout life, the analysis of the researchers shows that the risk eventually plateaues and remains constant at about 50/50.

“After 110 years, living another year is almost like flipping a coin,” says study lead Professor Anthony Davison of Lausanne École Polytechnique.

Based on the data available to date, it seems likely that humans can live to be at least 130 years old, but extrapolation of the data or scientific prediction shows that there is no limit to human life expectancy.

“The findings are consistent with statistical analyzes conducted on datasets of very elderly people. Our research reinforces these findings and makes them more accurate because we now have more data available, ”said Davison.

The first dataset the team looked at was recently published material from the International Life Expectancy Database, which covers over 1,100 super-centenarians from 13 countries.

The second set was sourced from Italy, including people at least 105 years old between January 2009 and December 2015.

One in a million

“The fact that people can theoretically live to be 130 or more years does not mean that we are likely to see it in the near future,” added the scientists.

The analysis of the study is based on people who have already achieved the relatively rare achievement of being over 100 years old. But even at age 110, your chances of living to 130 years old are roughly one in a million – not impossible, but very unlikely.

“Over the course of a century, we may be able to see people reaching 130 years of age, as more people reach Super Centenary status, increasing the chances of becoming one in a million. But in the absence of significant advances in medicine and the social sphere, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be able to reach that age, ”the scientists concluded.


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