Analysis of human skeletons found near lake Himalayan puzzles scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — There is a huge number of skeletons near the Roopkund lake. Among them, experts found a group that died a couple of centuries ago.

The results of the analysis puzzled them, because they did not understand how a resident of the Eastern Mediterranean could get to the Himalayas.

At an altitude of almost 5 km in the Himalayas there is a small lake Roopkund. It became famous not for its beauty, but for the numerous skeletons that dot the entire coast.

For the first time bones were discovered here in the middle of the last century. They are owned by at least 300 travelers. But after the new analysis, there were many more questions than answers in the experts.

The study found that at least 14 people from the Eastern Mediterranean died on the lake. In addition, they are significantly younger than all other skeletons, which date back to around the 13th century. This group died on the lake in 1800.

Most of the experts came to the conclusion that the bones may have belonged to the descendants of those people who once lived in the Eastern Mediterranean. This explains the genetic similarity with the modern inhabitants of these territories.


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