Coronavirus Evolves: 2 dangerous mutations found in New York

(ORDO NEWS) — The share of strain B.1.526, which originated in New York last fall, is now 25%. Research has determined that this variant of the infection has two branches. The first, E484K, is able to resist vaccines, and the second, S477N, binds better to human cells.

Evolution was determined by experts from the California Institute of Technology. The E484K mutation is also found in South Africa and Brazil. The spread is fast, according to researchers at Columbia University. The number of patients in a relatively short period of time has grown by 12%.

It is possible that in the future, a more vaccine-resistant variant of the coronavirus will become dominant not only in the United States. In the UK and South Africa, for example, a predominantly modified version of the local strain remains.

Some more research is needed to be accurate. People are already immune to the past coronavirus, so it’s worth keeping a close eye on new versions.


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