Man shocked when he saw a ship sailing through the sky in Scotland

(ORDO NEWS) — You might think that a resident of Scotland went crazy when he saw a ship sailing in the sky. In fact, there is nothing strange about the incident: the man faced an illusion.

Colleen McCallum was walking around the city of Banff, suddenly he drew attention to a strange ship that was not sailing at all on the sea. The ship seemed to be hanging in the clouds. It was difficult for the man to believe what he saw, so he quickly grabbed the phone and started filming.

The Internet community helped Collin figure out for himself that, no, he wasn’t crazy. He saw only an optical illusion. So, near the coast, clouds formed, which changed the color of the water. A contrast arose, the boundaries of sky and land were completely blurred.

The ship sailed far enough that there were no clouds. The sky reflected the sea, and this created the illusion of a sea vessel soaring in the sky. Colleen McCallum recalled what he saw for a long time, because it is not every day that one can observe the impossible with his own eyes.


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