An outbreak of a dangerous fungus recorded in two states of the US

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(ORDO NEWS) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has provided data that states such as Texas and Washington are experiencing a rapid spread of Candida auris. A distinctive feature of this fungal infection is that it is not afraid of most drugs.

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The yeast C auris has multiple drug resistance. The disease spreads very easily, therefore it provokes the occurrence of serious outbreaks. People infected with the fungus must be in special long-term care facilities for a long time. At risk are those people who have weak immunity.

C auris was discovered by experts in 2009. Since 2013, almost 600 cases of infection with an infectious disease have been recorded in the United States. According to official data, it becomes clear that new cases arose due to the fact that the fungus was very quickly transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person.

Experts found no epidemiological link between the outbreaks that originated in Texas and the District of Columbia. At the same time, the mortality rate in each case reached 30%.

At the same time, experts note that they cannot say for sure what role C auris played in this. From the beginning of this year until mid-spring, 101 cases of infection were recorded in Washington. In Texas, 22 people have been infected with a fungal infection.


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