Deadlines for the end of the coronavirus pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — Tedros Ghebreyesus noted the fact that the vaccination of the world’s population is not going according to the plan that was originally developed. All actions regarding the fight against the coronavirus pandemic can be called failure.

The WHO also stressed that richer countries do not even plan to help those countries that have low and middle incomes, and therefore cannot afford to purchase the required amount of vaccinations for the population. This prevents the pandemic from ending faster and people from dying.

It is reported by Newsweek.

Gebreyesus believes that at least 10% of the population of each state should receive the vaccine by the beginning of September. Further, 40% and 70% are planned until mid-2022. These stages of vaccination play a very important role, because they will help to cope with the virus.

To date, only 2 billion people have been vaccinated. At the same time, the head of WHO noted the fact that most of the vaccinated are in individual countries. The provided indicator is much lower than the established goal of 70% and therefore there will be practically no result from such a fight against the pandemic.

Due to the fact that in some countries there are practically no vaccinated people, the risk of virus mutation increases several times. If a new strain appears, then it will be extremely difficult to stop its spread throughout the planet and the situation will again become critical.

If a new strain appears that will not be afraid of vaccinations, then specialists will have to develop a new vaccine. This will take a significant amount of time, leading to new deaths around the world. To meet the WHO target, each country must purchase a minimum of 11 billion doses of vaccines. Only this will help, according to Gebreyesus, to stop the coronavirus.


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