The groom’s family demanded a tortoise with 21 nails and a black labrador for the dowry

(ORDO NEWS) — In India, the parents of one of the brides filed a complaint against the groom’s family with the police. They said that as a dowry they demanded a black labrador and a turtle, which has 21 nails. The wedding could not take place due to the fact that the conditions were simply impracticable.

It is reported by the Times of India.

This incident happened in the city of Nashik. The bride’s father wrote a statement to the police in the city of Aurangabad, which said that the groom’s parents are doing everything possible to prevent the wedding from taking place.

The young got engaged at the end of this winter. Then the bride’s relatives provided a ring of gold weighing 10 grams as a dowry, as well as a large sum of money – 10 lakhs.

The groom’s parents asked for such a sum, allegedly so that he could get a lucrative position in the government. Until today, the guy has not been able to find himself a normal job. In addition, some time later, another demand for a dowry was received from the groom’s parents.

They wanted a rare 21-nail turtle, a black labrador retriever, and a lamp. There is a superstition in India that says that such a turtle can not only bring good luck to the owner, but also helps to find treasures. Sellers are spreading this superstition in every possible way, because the minimum cost of an animal is almost a million rupees.

The bride’s father said he would not be able to meet these requirements. In turn, the groom’s parents said that the wedding would be canceled. At the same time, there was no reaction to the request to return the previously provided values. As a result, the girl’s parents were forced to contact the law enforcement agencies.


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