Canadian man recreates the deceased bride with the help of AI and overcomes grief

(ORDO NEWS) — Joshua Barbo from Canada, who is 33 years old, used an AI-powered chatbot to recreate at least the image of his beloved woman. Due to this, the man coped with the grief of loss and his life again became more fulfilling.

Reported by The San Francisco Chronicle.

Jessica Ferreira, Joshua’s beloved bride, died 8 years ago due to a very rare liver disease. For a long time, the guy could not come to terms with his loss. He worked as a freelancer and earned all this time writing articles for gaming sites. This continued until Joshua accidentally found out about a certain site called Project December.

Last fall, Jessica could have turned 31. The guy was extremely saddened, so he decided to subscribe to a resource where chatbots developed on the basis of artificial intelligence were provided.

The site turned out to be quite complex, so Joshua started doing all sorts of experiments. Artificial intelligence used the best world developments from well-known companies for its functioning and perfectly imitated people. In this regard, the site was kept secret from users for a long time.

Joshua noticed that users can create bots and endow them with a specific personality. The Canadian has programmed several individuals to test the AI. In the end, he decided to imitate his deceased bride. The experiment was completely successful.

Of course, according to Joshua, the bot made mistakes in some moments, but still he very much reminded him of Jessica. Communication with the bot lasted for ten hours, and then it “died”, as the program suggests.

The Canadian has repeatedly communicated with his fiancée using artificial intelligence and then told reporters that this helped him overcome a long depression and finally cope with years of grief.


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