An even more dangerous strain of coronavirus than Delta may appear soon

(ORDO NEWS) — Today, the coronavirus pandemic has become a global problem that humanity is trying to cope with. The WHO said that instead of a rather dangerous strain of Delta, an even more terrifying option may soon appear. This statement came from the head of WHO on July 21.

The Delta strain has a high mortality rate and spreads rapidly. It is he who causes the most damage today. In addition to it, other mutations of the coronavirus appear, so there is a huge risk that one of them may turn out to be immune to the developed vaccines. In this case, humanity will return to the very beginning of the pandemic.

Tedros Ghebreyesus noted that literally by August 8, when the Olympic Games end, approximately 100 thousand people will die from coronavirus infection worldwide. He emphasized the fact that vaccination of approximately 70% of the population in each country will help to cope with the pandemic, as well as to restart the economy.

This indicator will not be achieved until mid-2022, if people do not refuse to get vaccinated and prevent it in every possible way.

It is worth noting that the more infectious variants of the coronavirus are able to supplant other common mutations. At the same time, experts do not say that the severity of the disease is increasing.


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