An Englishwoman claims that she has been abducted by aliens from the age of five

(ORDO NEWS) — Hilary Porter was only five years old when the first alien abduction took place. It happened while she was on the field and playing in very tall grass. There, the girl collided with a strange creature that grabbed her and began to drag her into a mysterious steel disk of enormous size. Instead of skin, the creature had scales, it had a small mouth and huge black holes that replaced its nose. Everything inside the disk was filled with incomprehensible panels with buttons. Hilary was undressed and, laying on a bed, began to study, pressing a strange sharp object to different parts of her body. Then the girl passed out and did not remember anything else.

It is reported by the Daily Choices.

It happened at the end of the 50s of the last century. This abduction was the very first that she survived and which she was able to remember. But the woman believes that she could have been kidnapped before. She made such conclusions after her mother told that the girl at 2-4 years old repeatedly disappeared right from the yard and was at a distance of several miles from home.

Adult Hilary also repeatedly faced the fact that she could not remember what was happening. The only evidence was lost time and the strange markings that were present on her body. An amazing incident happened recently. Hilary and her husband were driving in a car. They suddenly passed out and then regained consciousness while the car was in the garage. On the same day, a woman noticed a triangular scar on her body.

To date, Hilary is collaborating with several groups of people who also believe they were abducted by aliens. Many openly laugh at the woman, but she not only continues to claim that her story is true, but also protects other “abducted”.


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