The fourth dimension in the universe can solve the problem of dark matter

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists for many years have been unable to explain exactly how dark matter spreads in galaxies. Some time ago, experts received a statement that a strange substance is capable of interacting even with itself.

This is reported by LiveScience.

Experts have failed to explain the origin of dark matter and its behavior using standard laws of physics. Flipp Tanedo, together with his colleagues, created several original models that are more suited to the observations that were carried out earlier. They believe that dark matter can only function fully if there are four dimensions, and not three, as everyone is used to thinking.

Despite the fact that this model seems fantastic, it is the best explanation for the strange behavior of stars in small galaxies. In order to add another dimension, Tanedo used a trick common to theories of high energy physics. It is not possible to solve some of the basic problems of a physical nature in ordinary three-dimensional space, but everything becomes several times easier if we add one more additional dimension.

After the specialists understood how the known forces of dark matter can interact with each other, they transferred the obtained data into standard three-dimensional space. This allowed them to make predictions about how all these forces would work in the real universe. It is worth noting that dark matter is completely different from the forces of nature known today. Everything starts to work only if the fourth dimension appears.


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