American found six newborn rat pups in her bed

(ORDO NEWS) — An Oregon woman has shared some funny photos on the Internet. 6 bald newborn rat pups are captured on them. Such an unusual surprise awaited her in a blanket in her bed. The American woman shared this story on social networks. Thousands of people from all over the United States of America immediately responded to the post.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

Olivia Longstaff (that’s the name of the American woman) was shocked. In her bed lay 6 live, bald rats. It all started with the fact that when she spread the bed, she heard an unusual creak, similar to a squeak. The woman carefully examined the bed and stumbled upon a miracle find. The brood of rodents felt great in a warm and clean bed.

The woman has recently moved to a new home on the farm. She is going to live here for the next 2 months. In other words, the American woman could not even think that she would have to share a bed with rodents on the farm.

Olivia was not nearly frightened off by such a surprise. On the contrary, she claims that this is the biggest madness in her life. She really likes the place where she is now. Although many comments urged the woman to get rid of the rodents, call specialists, and move, Olivia is enjoying life on the farm.


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