The secret of Japanese longevity lies in just one product

(ORDO NEWS) — The inhabitants of Japan are known throughout the world as a nation of centenarians. Scientists from all over the world are trying to uncover this phenomenon. The Japanese not only live a very long time, they suffer less from age-related chronic diseases than other peoples. Scientists recently shared a new theory that the secret to good health is in just one product.

Reported by Pubmed.

There are many theories as to why there are so many people in Japan who live for 100 years or more. The lifestyle of these people has been under the watchful eye of doctors and nutritionists for several years.

Recent studies have shown that brown algae are the secret to good health and longevity. The fact is that they contain fucoidan – it is he who is the key to a long life.

Seaweed strengthens the immune system. Also, these plants are rich in vitamins and minerals. The Japanese eat them every day, in salads, soups, side dishes. A diet rich in algae minimizes the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Also, the seaweed diet reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Research published in the US National Library.


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