A powerful magnetic storm will hit the Earth in mid-May

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(ORDO NEWS) — There will be a very strong magnetic storm in mid-May. The expected power is G2, which means that weather-dependent people will feel its impact on themselves. By the way, such powerful storms are extremely rare.

FIAN reports this.

The Earth‘s magnetosphere will be excited from May 12 to May 17. Another small spike is expected on the 20th. In terms of duration, storms will last from several hours to several days.

During this period, people with chronic diseases may feel tired and unwell. At risk of hypotension and hypertension, heart disease and people suffering from neurological diseases. Experts recommend not abstaining from physical activity these days, and also:

  • avoid stressful situations;
  • to walk outside;
  • refrain from alcohol;

You can also take a relaxing bath or contrast shower. These days, there may be interruptions to mobile communications and the Internet. And in July, Ukrainians will be able to watch a solar eclipse. 


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