Aliens can already live among us

(ORDO NEWS) — Chris Jones, who is an expert on UFOs, made a statement that most of the stories about alien abductions may in fact turn out to be the pure truth. In addition, the ufologist assumes that aliens have been living among people for a long time, but so far they have skillfully hidden this fact.

Reported by the Daily Star.

Jones said that for many years he has been studying stories about how people were abducted by aliens. He noted that they all have a lot in common. The ufologist also added that the aliens may already be among people, but few people guess about this, because they hide and disguise themselves well.

The personal experience of many people and the detection of UFOs in various parts of the planet suggests that there is an interaction between humanity and extraterrestrial intelligent beings.

The ufologist became even more interested in this question after the US government began investigating 144 cases of contacts with unidentified objects that were recorded over the past 15 years. The US military attributed all these cases to the number of unidentified air phenomena or illegal armed groups.

Captain Sean Cahill, in turn, said that they do not exclude the fact that people are not only being watched by aliens. Aliens may well have a desire to harm humanity and therefore carefully study it. The captain made such conclusions after he, together with his crew, collided with a similar object in 2004.


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