Alaska has the worst earthquake in 57 years

(ORDO NEWS) — On July 28, an incredibly powerful earthquake was recorded off the coast of Alaska, the strength of which reached 8.2 points. There have not been such powerful shocks for quite a long time.

The last time an earthquake of this magnitude in this region occurred 57 years ago in 1964. Reported by CNN.

Tremors were recorded near Perryville. They happened at a very shallow depth – about 47 kilometers. Experts attributed such an earthquake to the number of “small” ones. In turn, the Earthquake Center reported that it was very well felt throughout Alaska.

In addition, two more quite powerful aftershocks were recorded, the magnitudes of which reached 6.2 and 5.6 points.

Kodiak Mayor Pat Branson added that they had not experienced such shocks for quite a long time. He also noted that this was the third evacuation that was carried out over the past year and a half. At the moment, residents are completely safe.

The earthquake could provoke a fairly powerful tsunami, which experts warned about, but after that they assured that there was no threat to human life. In turn, the police advised, if possible, to move to a hill in order to surely protect themselves from the possible consequences of powerful aftershocks.


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