Time Traveler in 5000 Warns of Disaster

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of the United States, whose name is Edward, claims that he visited in 5000 and talked about what kind of global catastrophe will happen in the future. To confirm his words, the man used a photograph of Los Angeles, which completely disappeared under water.

Reported by The Sun.

The Time Traveler said that he took part in an experiment that was conducted back in 2004 in one of the secret laboratories located in Los Angeles. He was allegedly sent to the future, where he took this unique photograph. The man added that he was on a huge wooden platform.

There were only wooden buildings around it, and most of them were hidden under a layer of water.

He also shared that he was able to communicate with the future residents of the United States who will live in it in 5000 AD. They talked about how the cities were flooded as a result of the rapid melting of glaciers.

Experts, in turn, say that time travel is unrealistic. Even if it seems to a person that on airplanes or satellites time passes differently than on the surface of the planet, it is impossible to move thousands of years ahead.


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