A girl with an embryo in her stomach was born in Israel

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the residents of the small town of Ashdod, which is in Israel, gave birth to a girl. Doctors discovered another embryo inside the newborn. Such cases are extremely rare. The baby was born in July at one of the local medical centers. Today, both mom and her daughter are already doing well.

Reported by The Times of Israel.

The presence of some foreign object in the child’s stomach became known shortly before childbirth during the next ultrasound. The results of the examination showed that the baby’s belly was slightly larger than the established norm. After she was born, the specialists carefully examined the newborn again.

An embryo was found inside a small child, which was only partially able to develop. The baby was operated on, which was completely successful. The woman, along with her fourth child, was allowed to go home some time later. After surgery, doctors were only able to see a few bones and the heart of the embryo.

This can happen when, at an early stage of pregnancy, two embryos are formed at once, but a little later one absorbs the second. During fetal development, certain cavities are present that do not close immediately. If one of the embryos gets into such a cavity, then after a while it stops developing and remains inside. Such takeovers are extremely rare. As statistics show, this is one case in 500 thousand pregnancies.


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