The consequences of the eruption of the supervolcano

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts conducted another study and made assumptions that if the supervolcano nevertheless wakes up, it will result in catastrophic consequences for the entire planet, and not just for individual regions. The results of the study were published by scientists in the journal Nature Reviews Earth and Environment.

It is reported by Forbes.

Experts noted the fact that there is no special model that could accurately show the further development of events after the eruption. At the same time, a lot of information was studied regarding how the eruptions of huge volcanoes occurred earlier and what this led to in the end.

Supervolcanoes include those objects in which at least one explosion occurred, the strength of which reached 8 points. This indicator is considered to be the highest in terms of volcanic explosiveness. In other words, the volcano threw over 1,000 cubic kilometers of matter into the air when it erupted. To date, the Tambora volcano boasts the strongest eruption. The strength of the event was 7 points, and the eruption itself occurred almost 200 years ago.

If a supervolcano begins to erupt, it will lead to the fact that a huge territory will be covered with a layer of ash, many animals and plants will die, and the end of human existence will come.


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