AI can destroy humanity

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(ORDO NEWS) — Perhaps humanity has signed a death sentence for itself. Stuart Russell from the University of California talked about the dangers of artificial intelligence. Will machines take over the world and will the planet repeat the fate of the “Matrix”? This is reported by The Times.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a real breakthrough in IT technologies. With its help, you can perform complex actions ten times faster: create microchips, solve problems in various sciences. But is it really a good thing?

Stuart Russell says that the main danger of AI is that humans cannot control it completely.

A scientist from the USA is not jokingly excited. He has already shared his experiences. What worries Stewart is the fact that ChatGPT’s neural network can be integrated into a super-intelligent machine at any time. The new object may turn out to be dangerous for humanity, because people will not be able to control it.

For example, people will turn to AI to help solve the problem of global warming. And the neural network can “think” that for this it is necessary to exterminate people.

Stuart Russell has expressed his disappointment at politicians who are not in favor of strict regulation of artificial intelligence, despite the dangers the technology could pose in the future. He joined Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak to express his opinion in an open letter about stopping the development of AI and learning to control it first.

Stuart Russell is Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley and Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford. He participated in the work of the UN to create a new system of control over the implementation of the nuclear test ban treaty and is a co-author of a widely known university textbook on artificial intelligence.

Many European politicians are calling for an emergency global summit on the rise of AI, at a time when China is already banning major language models. The White House has called an emergency meeting for all tech executives. Stuart Russell asks the rhetorical question, “What will be the consequences if we encounter an alien civilization?”.


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