Aging and genetics: why some people live much longer than others

(ORDO NEWS) — The average life expectancy on the planet today is 72 years and it continues to grow. Today, more and more people are living to be 100 years old or more. Science is studying the phenomenon of longevity in detail and is looking for a cure for aging.

It is reported by the BBC.

Physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, special nutrition – this, of course, affects life expectancy. But the main secret of longevity is still in genetics.

Since the mechanism of prolonging life is unknown to science, it remains only to make assumptions about how to prolong youth. Paolo Garanani of the University of Bologna, along with a group of experts, has taken this issue further than other scientists.

He and his team sequenced the genomes of 81 centenarians (people are 105-110 years old). Then they were compared with the genomes of younger people (up to 70 years old). All centenarians have the same gene groups (5 genetic variations).

Dr. Paolo concluded that some people are simply born with gene variations that affect longevity. They are inherited. Now the main task of experts is to find out how, with the help of such gene variations, to prolong the life of other people.


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