Researchers told who robots can take away work from

(ORDO NEWS) — The energy company Electrical Direct has conducted a study to find out what professions the robots will perform. To do this, they analyzed 20 million jobs. The results of the study showed that in the beginning robots will perform simple repetitive routine tasks, and in the distant future they will be able to work in any direction.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

In China, the USA, Japan and other countries there are already hotels in which robots work instead of people. Reception robots, bartenders, cooks – these are the first specialties that machines will soon perform instead of humans all over the world. Also, according to the results of the research obtained, robots will replace us in such jobs:

  • waiters;
  • distributors of goods in stores;
  • sellers;
  • seamstresses;
  • cook assistants;
  • cleaners;
  • plumbing;
  • carpenters;
  • electricians.

This is just the beginning, scientists are sure. Further, this list will complement many other professions. Technologies are developing very quickly, many industries already have automated equipment that works without a person. The most difficult thing is to replace psychologists, doctors, teachers and other professions where there are too many unpredictable phenomena.


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