Rover Curiosity sent a photo of twinkling clouds on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Pictures of cloudy days are unique. This is the first time that Martian clouds on the red planet have been photographed. The pictures show shimmering clouds, and the landscape itself resembles terrestrial deserts.

This is reported by the Jet Proplusion Laboratory.

The Curiosity rover has been collecting data on Mars for over 5 years. More recently, there were a couple more research facilities: Perseverance (Mars rover) and Ingenuity (helicopter).

Clouds on Mars are rare. This is because the atmosphere of Mars is very thin and dry, and clouds are concentrated water in a vaporous or solid state. If it is possible to observe cloudiness on Mars, it occurs in the region of the equator of the red planet. Moreover, the phenomena are observed in the winter season. It is at this moment that Mars is farthest from the Sun. Over the past two years, the cloud cover has formed earlier.

Rover Curiosity sent a photo of twinkling clouds on Mars

We managed to capture traces of steam against the background of a gray sky. A rusty hue against a gray sky looks very unusual and interesting. The rays of the sun streaking through the cloud cover illuminated it. The clouds are composed of dry ice and carbon dioxide on Mars and are located 60 km above the surface of the red planet.

For a common man in the street, NASA activities resemble countless space photo sessions. In fact, researchers are studying the secrets of the Universe and the possibility of life on other planets so that in the future they can become a haven for humans.


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