A seal with the image of the god Apollo was found in the Jerusalem wall

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists, while studying the ancient Jerusalem wall in the western part of the city, noticed a jasper seal, which is a rare artifact. The discovered object has an image of the god Apollo.

The seal is a 2,000 year old stone with an amazing design. Apparently, the artifact served as a ring, and was not used for its intended purpose.

On the territory of Jerusalem, it is difficult to find images of various gods on ancient artifacts. Apollo personifies light, purity, health and success. The owner of the seal most likely knew this, so he expected the best in his life.

Archaeologist Eli Shukron, who discovered the seal, noted that this is the third artifact. It was discovered in the Second Jerusalem Temple. The first seal was kept in Masada, and the second – in the tomb on Mount Scopus.

The Jewish population rarely kept objects depicting various gods, especially Apollo. Scientists were surprised when they found another seal with Apollo in Jerusalem. It is difficult to say why a Jew should carry with him a god from completely different cultures and beliefs.

Apollo was a revered figure in the Eastern Mediterranean regions. He was associated with magical rites and fortune-telling.

Archaeologists continue to study the place where they found the seal. Perhaps some information about the owner of the artifact will soon appear.


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