Facebook knows everything: companies that actively collect personal data

(ORDO NEWS) — Any Internet company collects data about its customers and users to a greater or lesser extent. There are services that own almost all possible information, such as Facebook.

Clario’s cybersecurity experts have presented a rating of 48 services that have some kind of information about their users. The championship was given to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg social network collects as much data as possible in order to recommend friends, notify them about various events, suggest groups and, most importantly, target advertisements.

The 2018 countdown states that the company earned $ 16.6 billion from advertising in 2018. Advertisers get the opportunity to fine-tune their offers for the target audience by email, date of birth, profession, interests, etc. 70.59% of Facebook data is collected legally.


Right behind Facebook is Instagram, which owns 58.82% of all data. Again, collecting information is necessary to serve ads and recommendations.

Tinder is in third place. The service owns 55.88% of the available data, thanks to which it helps its users to find the perfect match. The service even stores information about the presence of pets, and also saves bank cards. Data is received from user correspondence.

Interestingly, retail giant Amazon owns only 23.52% of the data. This is enough to effectively run his business. Pornhub, in turn, is content with only your hobby and the device from which users watch videos. In total, the portal stores 5.88% of the possible information.

93% of businesses only collect your email address and 18% know your weight.


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