Thailand, a fisherman caught a fish with a human face

(ORDO NEWS) — Residents of a Thai village in the south-west of the country were speechless when they saw a strange catch of one fisherman: a man wanted to catch fish for dinner, but in the end he caught a monster with a human face. The snapshot of the creation quickly spread across the Web.

The incident took place in the village of Krabi. Now its inhabitants are waiting for misfortune, because, according to popular beliefs, catching such a terrible creature does not bode well. A strange catch that scared everyone was pulled out by 33-year-old Prasert Shukul. According to the man, as soon as he saw the fish, he was immediately enveloped in fear. A local resident threw the monster to the ground and ran to the house. The creature had the ugly face of an elderly man.

Already at home, the relatives calmed Shukul and forced him to return to the river. Arriving at the reservoir, the man saw an already dead fish. The face, like that of an ugly old man, was terrifying every time. The creature had large lips, but no teeth.

The length of the fish was 42 centimeters, and the weight was 2.7 kilograms. Shukul decided to take the monster to the village to show the elders. Nobody dared to cook a strange creature.

Biologists began to calm people down, who decided to approach the incident from a scientific point of view. Scientists personally arrived in the village from the center for the study, use and protection of water resources. Experts noted that the fish may belong to the Pollicaris species, which lives on the bottom. As a result, evolution gave these creatures a special head structure, so that it was more convenient to search for food and attack prey.

Biologists put forward only a theory: the exact results will be known later. Perhaps the fish has undergone some kind of mutation. Prasert Shukul gave the monster to the scientists in order to keep troubles away from the family and the village. Local residents do not really believe in mutations, but they definitely believe that something bad will happen in the near future.


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