A parallel world exists, and it is in Antarctica, but what do scientists say?

(ORDO NEWS) — Literally at the beginning of 2021, scientists discovered particles with a negative charge in Antarctica. The media immediately leaked information about the parallel universe. Fans of science fiction and those who believe in parallel worlds of course were delighted. 

Finally, there is no need to mine antimatter at the Large Hadron Collider. Soon, the same scientists found a logical explanation for such a strange anomaly.

How were the anomalous particles discovered?

In the world of science, such discoveries are rare. Therefore, when, during the next study of cosmic rays, anomalous particles were found in the sky, the sensation scattered around the world. During the work, two signals were detected going from the earth to the sky, and not vice versa.

It was their direction that became the argument for the existence of a parallel world. The opposite direction indicated a mirror image (like Roger Zelazny’s in The Chronicles of Amber). Naturally, the researchers decided that these emissions were composed of antimatter (the most expensive substance in the world).

What is really going on

A large-scale study of this anomaly made it possible to study the nature of the rays. Ian Shoemaker studied the phenomenon, and here are the conclusions he came to. In 2006, an experiment called ANITA was conducted in Antarctica.

Its meaning was as follows: at an altitude of 37 km above the ground there was a balloon with radio antennas. The antennas were supposed to pick up signals, beams and neutrinos from space. The experiment was repeated 10 years later, and then in 2018. 

All signs indicated that the high-energy neutrinos were captured by the antennas, not from space, but from the glaciers of Antarctica.

It turned out that these rays were ordinary, which always come from the sky, but the snowy surface of the region reflected them, thereby changing their vector. This is how nature made fun of the world of science. And we just have to wait when, finally, antimatter will be stable at the LHC.


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