Stroke symptoms in women – new facts about the terrible diagnosis

(ORDO NEWS) — Television doctor and renowned cardiologist Alexander Myasnikov spoke about the new symptoms of stroke, which is more common in women. It turned out that age, lifestyle, social status do not affect the newly identified symptom.

Who is at risk – check yourself

First of all, obese people are at risk. Overweight is a global problem all over the world today. Do not confuse the medical term “obesity” and a couple of extra pounds!

The general symptoms did not change, but the doctor spoke more about migraines in women. Observations of doctors, stories of relatives of patients – very often the fair sex experience strange sensations before a stroke.

As women who have suffered a stroke say, they literally felt that something irreparable was about to happen to them. A migraine immediately set in, and then everything seemed to be in a fog. Smell, sound, incomprehensible glow around, as strange as it may sound, but this is really an unusual observation.

Migraine and stroke – when you need to see a doctor urgently

Television doctor Alexander Myasnikov also warned all viewers. He recommends seeing a doctor immediately if you experience a headache when you sneeze or cough. Also, if you experience a migraine attack when changing body position, do not postpone a visit to the doctor.


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