Huge snow avalanche was filmed by tourists during a vacation in Nepal

(ORDO NEWS) — An avalanche is a deadly danger, and no one would want to be as close to it as tourists in Nepal did. A group of tourists went kayaking to Lake Kapuche (central Nepal). In addition to unforgettable landscapes, people got equally vivid impressions, writes AccuWeather.

What is happening is reminiscent of the plot of a disaster film: tourists on the lake, a tent city, snow-capped mountains around. And then, in an instant, a giant snow avalanche descends from a mountain about 5 thousand meters high, heading straight to the lake.

The ending of the action is a real miracle, because after the avalanche settled, a rainbow appeared in the sky!

The video clearly shows how the wind carries away the set tents, the snow cloud descends at incredible speed to the foot, increasing in size. It’s good that there were no casualties. Every year international media report how skiers and snowboarders disappear under avalanches.

Interesting facts about Lake Capuche

The picturesque body of water is located 145 km from Kathmandu. Hiking trails have been laid out here quite recently. Imagine this glacial lake with the lowest temperature on planet Earth.

It was the avalanches that brought him popularity. Every year tourists from all over the world come to the reservoir to watch their convergence. An avalanche of such gigantic proportions was captured on an amateur video for the first time.


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