A magnetar was discovered in the Milky Way, which rushes at a speed of 26 million km/h

(ORDO NEWS) — The observed magnetar, which is only 500 years old, is a type of neutron star. A young body rushes through the vastness of the Milky Way at a speed of 26 million km/h.

Magnetars have one feature – a stronger magnetic field. The star J1818.0-1607 rotates once every 1.4 seconds. It overtakes any other star out of three thousand previously studied by scientists.

The magnetar was formed as a result of a supernova explosion, when only the core remains of the star, and the remaining layers are ejected. A neutron star is not a large, but very dense body. Only a black hole is denser than it.

The discovered magnetar is also a pulsar, that is, a source of various kinds of radiation (radio, gamma, etc.). The body periodically becomes dull and bright.

To determine the age of the body, experts analyzed its deceleration, rotational speed, and several other factors. It would take a star half a millennium to slow down to its real speed.

Experts have found a supernova that spawned a magnetar. It is located at a great distance from the body, which indicates an incredible speed of movement of the body.


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