The man spent 72 hours with poisonous snakes and they never bit him

(ORDO NEWS) — People are afraid of snakes because of their venom. 40 years ago, an Indian named Neelam Kumar Khaire proved that snakes are not actually aggressive, but only bite in extreme cases. The man spent 72 hours with dangerous snakes in one cage.

Haier has proven from experience that snakes only bite when provoked. Thanks to the experiment, the man, by the way, got into the Guinness Book of Records, since no one else dared to go into the cage to the 72 snakes.

In 1980, Neelam was 28 years old when he decided on a rather dangerous experiment. He was inspired by the story of Peter Snemaris from South Africa, who stayed with 24 snakes for 50 hours. The man was outraged that the experiment did not take place in India, which is sometimes called the birthplace of snakes.

Since childhood, Neelam has not been afraid of reptiles. If his neighbors always killed snakes, he would catch them and let them go. The Indian wanted to open his own research center with a snake zoo, but did not own the required amount of money. With the help of an experiment, he planned to attract investors, in the end he succeeded.

Snakes, by the way, in 72 hours have never shown aggression towards a person. They didn’t even approach him.


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