A dinosaur skeleton with skin was discovered in Canada

(ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, an archaeological excavation was conducted in the Canadian Provincial Park Dinosaur.

Researchers managed to discover an incredibly rare find on the slopes of the mountain. It turned out to be a complete skeleton of a dinosaur, which was covered with skin.

The fossil consists of most of the tail of a fairly young hadrosaurus and its right paw. At the same time, the Find is placed in the mountain in such a way that scientists are almost certain that the skeleton has been completely preserved.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that, in general, skeletons are extremely rare, therefore, the discovered sample will allow us to obtain new data about the anatomy of the dinosaur and its appearance.

“This discovery is incredibly important, and we very much hope that within the next two field seasons we will be able to fully complete the excavations.

“If you take into account the small size of the tail and the degree, then you can say that the dinosaur was young, which is extremely rare,” says Brian Pickles from the University of Reading.

This indicates that the perfect Find will allow paleontologists to establish exactly how hadrosaurs grew and obtain information about their development.

Researchers hope that much more well-preserved skin may be present in the rock. This will make it possible to establish exactly what this dinosaur looked like.

“Hadrosaur remains are quite common in this part of the planet, but because its skeleton is covered with fossilized skin, this find is unique,” added Caleb Brown of the Royal Tyrrell Palaeontological Museum.

In order to completely assemble the skeleton, specialists may need several months. After the fossil is collected completely, it is planned to be sent to a specially prepared laboratory of the Royal Tyrrell Paleontological Museum. It is there that further study of the discovered fossils will be carried out.

Scientists will be able to establish the degree of preservation of the fossil, how much skin is preserved, whether a complete skeleton is present.

If the skull is found, researchers will be able to understand exactly what kind of “duck-nosed” dinosaur it is. Depending on the size of the skeleton, it may take several years to study it and prepare it for further demonstration.


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