Scientists have revealed the main secret of illusionists

(ORDO NEWS) — Dr. Anthony Barnhart used to be a real magician. After some time, he began to notice something interesting. Before the most important moment in any trick comes, illusionists begin to blink very often.

When it comes to the fantastic illusions shown by David Blaine, Darren Brown or Dynamo, sometimes you just can’t believe what’s happening. Scientists are sure that the eyes should not really be trusted.

Experts conducted a new study in which 10 illusionists participated. They demonstrated real miracles on stage, but they had different experiences. Some studied the illusion for half a year, and others for half a century or more.

They were asked to do the same trick – a popular trick with a coin that almost everyone knows. Then the scientists recorded the performance of this trick directly during training and when they were engaged in its performance on stage.

The results of the study showed that each of the illusionists began to blink much faster directly at the moment of performing the trick.

Experts assume that magicians blink more often unconsciously. When the illusionist blinks more often, the audience does the same. In other words, it turns out that a person “blinked” all the most interesting things.

An additional study found that magicians will blink much more when performing a difficult trick. It is worth noting that in 2016, scientists found out that, as a rule, viewers blink simultaneously, that is, in unison.

The new experiment may be proof that illusionists act as a catalyst and start the process of blinking in the audience.

Most likely, magicians know exactly at what moment the audience becomes less attentive, and that’s when they begin to work out the most interesting part of their trick so that it remains unnoticed by everyone.


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