A catastrophe is inevitable: scientists talked about the next eruption of Yellowstone

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the US Geological Survey noticed that the hot spot from which the geysers and mud springs in Yellowstone came from began to gradually disappear. Similar conclusions were made after specialists conducted a detailed analysis of super-eruptions, the number and frequency of which decreased markedly.

Experts studied samples of volcanic deposits, which, according to their assumptions, should have remained from minor eruptions. But the analysis showed a completely different result. It turned out that these volcanic materials remained as a result of eruptions that occurred about 9 and 8.7 million years ago. At the same time, the latter, which was called Gray’s Landing, was incredibly strong and became the cause of the real disaster.

During the Miocene period, eruptions occurred approximately every 500 thousand years. Given the latest data, today the frequency of super-eruptions has decreased almost three times. Today, the frequency is once every one and a half million years. If these calculations are correct, then the next catastrophic eruption of Yellowstone will happen no earlier than 900 thousand years later.

Gray’s Landing caused terrible consequences and had a global impact on the entire planet. Volcanic emissions in large quantities fell into the Earth’s atmosphere, which negatively affected the planet’s climate.

The territory of modern USA was also covered with volcanic ash, many plants and animals died due to the eruption. If such a catastrophe happens, this will provoke the death of a huge number of people in America, as well as damage to property, which will be extremely difficult to restore.


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