Doctor with strange side effects from Covid-19 treatment died in Wuhan

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In China, a doctor named Hu Weifeng could not suffer a coronavirus infection: not only the disease itself weakened the man, but also the treatment. So, in the latest photos of a resident of the Middle Kingdom, it seems that he belongs to a different race of people. The man’s skin color has changed significantly.

For four months, the Chinese physician struggled with the disease, but, unfortunately, to no avail. Death occurred on the second of June. Intensive treatment led to the fact that at the end of his life the man became dissimilar: the Chinese skin suddenly turned black. Doctors blame the changes for either medication or hormonal disruptions. The latter could be the result of impaired liver function. Coronavirus is known to affect the lungs, stomach, liver, and other organs (including the brain).

Hu Weifeng is not the only doctor who saved people, but could not save himself. Prior to the infection, the doctor was active in the Wuhan Central Hospital. From this hospital, he became the sixth victim of Covid-19. It is important to note that six people – only according to official statistics, but in reality there can be much more.

Pictures of the terrifying appearance of the doctor began to publish media in April. Even then, the side effects of intensive treatment began to appear, if, of course, the medications were to blame.

It is worth noting that this is the only case when the fight against the virus leads to strange and frightening consequences. Most patients experienced fever, pain throughout the body, and weakness, but there was no change in skin color.

Today in the world more than 6.6 million cases. This figure is growing, but not so fast that it cannot but rejoice.


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