Scientists published a photo of the early universe

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A photo was uploaded to the Network that shows the appearance of the early Universe. Users are unlikely to see something like this, reports WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

According to new information from the Hubble telescope, stars and galaxies formed much earlier than previously thought. The photograph, published on the Hubble telescope’s website, shows various space objects.

To visualize what our Universe was in the past, an artist was involved. According to astronomers, stars by type of population are of three types. The stellar population of the first type arose after the explosions of early stars, then all objects contained elements heavier than helium. The sun also belongs to this version of the bodies.

Some scientists from Canada, the United States and Britain have suggested that after 10 billion years, our luminary will turn into a crystal (a process similar to how liquid water becomes ice). Astronomers also noted that white dwarfs are the last stage in the development of stars, respectively, after a while the sun will only contract and cool.

Scientists cannot say exactly what the future will be for our star. There were theories that it would begin to expand and absorb all the planets. The only good news is that if this happens, it is certainly not in a millennium or two. At least a few billion years will pass, and by that time it is not known whether humanity will survive at all taking into account the latest global disasters and the development of events.

The picture presented by scientists really impresses with its unusual appearance. This was noted by many Internet users on social networks.


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