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60-year-old German man received about 90 shots of the coronavirus vaccine

60 year old German man received about 90 shots of the coronavirus vaccine

(ORDO NEWS) — German police caught a 60-year-old man who received 90 shots against COVID-19. The suspect was reportedly selling vaccination cards to people who didn’t want to get vaccinated.

A man sold certificates to people who did not want to be vaccinated

Last year, the European Union introduced electronic covid-passports that allowed people to visit public places and travel within the EU without being tested for coronavirus.

However, anti-vaxxers quickly found a loophole: they began paying people to vaccinate for them and give them codes to fill out vaccine passports.

The German managed to make up to 90 vaccines

The 60-year-old man, whose name has not been released, received up to 90 COVID-19 vaccines at various vaccination centers in eastern Germany, according to The Guardian . Over what period of time this happened is unknown.

He was caught in a vaccination center in the city of Eilenburg: medical workers suspected something was wrong when the man came for a vaccination for the second time that day.

The police confiscated several forms of vaccination cards from him and opened a criminal case. The man is still at large.

Medical workers cannot yet say how as many as 90 vaccines against COVID-19 can affect human health.

It’s not just in Germany that vaccination bypass methods like this are being used: we previously talked about a New Zealand man who was covering for anti-vaxxers. This person received 10 doses of the vaccine in just one day.


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