1,400 years ago anomaly appeared in Japan sky is solved

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the Japanese chronicle “Nihon-shoki” there is such a thing as a red “pheasant tail”, which most likely meant aurora. It arose over Japan 1,400 years ago.

The results of his research were presented by Ryuho Kataoka, a man working at the National Institute for Polar Research. Ancient sources say that on December 30, 620, the strange phenomenon of the “pheasant tail” formed over the territory. Then people decided that something bad was coming.

Scientists of our time are trying to decide whether the events of that time could be caused by a radiance or a comet. Kataoka noted that auroras in most cases are green, but they are also red.

Experts compared the subsequent observations of the Japanese, concluding that they all correspond to the “tail phase”. Auroras appeared in the form of a fan, therefore, they were compared with a bird’s tail.

Other evidence relates to Japan’s magnetic latitude in 620. As it turned out, then it was 33 degrees, and today it is 25. Thus, the Japanese could well see the spectacular radiance.


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