10 little-known facts about Julius Caesar

(ORDO NEWS) — Guy Julius Caesar (July 12, 100 BC – March 15, 44 BC) – ancient Roman statesman and politician, commander, writer and favorite of his own people.

It was his passing away in the course of a political conspiracy that marked the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the New Roman Empire.

Here are 10 interesting and sometimes funny facts from the life of a former dictator, whose name is known, perhaps, almost every inhabitant of the Earth.

1. Caesar had ailurophobia, that is, an obsessive fear of cats.

2. Julius Caesar came from a poor family and received his power and wealth by military means. It is worth noting that all of Caesar’s military campaigns were victorious.

10 little known facts about Julia Caesar 2

3. The narcissistic Julius Caesar renamed the second summer month of Quintilis to Julius, which we know today as July.

4. Caesar madly wanted, but could not marry Cleopatra VII , because Roman laws did not allow polygamy; at that time, Caesar was still married to the Roman woman Calpurnia. It is noteworthy that even such an influential person found it very difficult to dissolve the marriage.

5. Julius Caesar bequeathed all his riches to the people. When he passed away, every citizen of Rome received three months’ wages.

6. Once Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates and demanded 25 talents for his release (1 talent is equal to a 26-liter amphora filled with gold).Caesar was offended that his life was being rated so low, and forced the pirates to demand 50 talents instead of 25. The kidnappers were extremely stunned, but followed his advice.

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7. Julius Caesar has the title of the greatest commander of Rome, who conquered all of Europe, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

8. Caesar was so revered that when his adopted heir Augustus became emperor, he received the name “Caesar Augustus”. Subsequently, the following emperors also added the prefix Caesar to their name. So part of the proper name (Gaius Julius Caesar) turned into a full-fledged title.

Julius Caesar left such an important mark in history that the Russian word “Tsar” and the German word “Kaiser” are a variant of the title “Caesar”.

9. Julius Caesar was an extremely prolific writer and even “dabbled in poetry.”

10. Caesar is the illegitimate son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra VII. After his birth, Cleopatra moved to Rome and was even present in the city during the conspiracy against Julius Caesar.


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