Yellowstone incident: bison crippled an elderly woman

(ORDO NEWS) — On June 25, an unpleasant incident occurred in Yellowstone: a 72-year-old woman was crippled by a bison after several times she came too close to him in the hope of taking a beautiful photo.

Park workers did not disclose the name of the victim and her condition, which was after the incident. It is only known that the woman was urgently taken to the Idaho hospital.

During the proceedings, it became known that the 72-year-old American came to rest, having set up a camp in the park. At some point, she wanted a photo with a large animal and went up to him at a distance of about three meters. Such a short distance is unacceptable, Yellowstone workers say. Due to the frivolity of vacationers, similar incidents happen, which, by the way, are not uncommon.

Various incidents occur regularly in the park. Bison, as a rule, do not particularly like to attack, but in some cases they may well do so. According to experts, most likely, the animal felt a threat and decided not to tempt fate. A woman could not only come close, but also behave incorrectly.

For the safety of vacationers, park workers recall that the distance between a person and an animal should be at least 20 meters in the case of large creatures (deer, elk including). Bears and wolves are more dangerous, it is better not to approach them closer than 90 meters. It is impossible to predict the behavior of animals, so it is better to be safe.

Yellowstone employees are able to provide first aid, but cannot prevent incidents: everyone is responsible for their own lives.


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