Global warming is faster than predicted

(ORDO NEWS) — The processes on our planet make scientists worry about the fate of humanity and all living organisms. According to recent analyzes, the temperature at the South Pole rises three times faster than expected.

The South Pole is located in the coldest region of the planet – on the Antarctic Plateau. On average, the temperature there does not fall below -60 ° C and does not rise above -20 ° C. To date, scientists have believed that the area is able to keep cool even when the region is heated.

Thanks to weather station data for the last 60 years and computer modeling, it was possible to establish that water bodies in the West Pacific for decades reduced atmospheric pressure over the Weddell Sea, which is located in the south of the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, the flow of heated air above the South Pole increased. Since 1989, air temperature has increased by 1.83 ° C.

Rapid temperature increases occur in Western Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula. Every ten years, the warmest part of the Earth warms up at 0.6 ° C, and the rest of the planet – an average of 0.2 ° C. Scientists attribute such anomalous warming to the Pacific inter-lane fluctuation, which lasts 15-30 years and consists in changing the temperature regime in different corners of the Earth. Thus, temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean become lower, while in the northern part they rise, and vice versa.

According to scientists from the University of Victoria in Wellington, warming by 1.83 ° C was 99% higher than the values ​​that were obtained in the framework of computer modeling earlier. Human activities are likely to have contributed to change.


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